with Playable Ads, an innovative new ad format


Playable ads are not just an effective monetization strategy. Playable Ads are a fun and creative way to achieve what most businesses strive for - audience engagement. It's an inventive ad format that offers users a chance to try out your app before making the purchase. Playable Ads are all about interaction and immersion. The cool part is that a segment of the app or the game mechanic is available for the user. Thanks to the level of interaction, the Playable Ad itself doesn't feel like an ad, which is a rare and valuable advantage over other types of interactive media, because users familiarise themselves with the app beforehand. Why is that important? Well, very few products give customers a chance to check out the product/app before they've even installed it. For that reason, users are far less likely to uninstall the app afterwards.

Top 3 Benefits of Playable Ads

Playable Ads are a pretty innovative concept. The primary task here is to keep your target audience happy. When utilizing playable ads or interactive ads you unlock a wide variety of incredibly helpful facets. That's right, this particular ad format can:
  • Boost Retention Rate
    Yes, it's vital to know and understand why users use certain apps longer and more often than others and generally why they come back to these apps; in other words, knowing your retention rate gives you a massive headstart and one of the biggest benefits of Playable Ads is that they improve retention rate.
  • Increase CPM
    With the help of playable ads you can easily increase your CPM. Interactive ads are extremely appealing, and unlike most creatives today they really grab the audience's attention straight away.
  • High-quality UX
    Any media that puts forward a well-thought out level of interactivity, is definitely something that will dramatically improve the overall quality of user experience. Perpetuating a solid user experience means already you've won half the battle.

How It Works

The best thing about Playable.dev's interactive video ads is that any technical complexity or development is handled on our end. Looking for pre-roll or similar ad standards? Not a problem. We have you covered. HMTL5 ads are supported, of course, in addition to an array of latest ad formats and rich media ads including MRAID (Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions), lead-in, top-snap and more.

The Playable Ads we provide are typically divided into two parts:
  1. App Segment or Gameplay Mechanic
    The app segment or mechanic are aspects the developers or publishers would like to advertise.
  2. A Call to Action
    This is certainly a crucial component of every playable ad, and something that appeals to users and encourages them to continue the experience by downloading the app or game.
To improve performance, the playable creative should primarily be intuitive and user-friendly. Any hints and tutorials provided have to be readily available, but by no means intrusive. High-quality visuals are necessary to improve the experience as well. In addition, the transitions have to be animated smoothly to capture the user's attention. This is where our expertise comes in.

About Playable.dev

First off, projects are handled thoroughly and in close cooperation with your team. Playable.dev consists of industry veterans, each one of which has decades of experience in multimedia interactive advertising. What's more, our groundbreaking tech consists of a toolchain that allows us to fine-tune the experience and appeal to users so you can maximize your brand performance.

Our highly customizable framework supports all major social and ad networks:

Google AdColony Unity Vungle IronSource Chartboost Facebook Ads Tapjoy AppLovin
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All good things start with an idea and an ambition, born out of inspiration. By using your app and playing your game we help you achieve this ambition. We aim to create several concepts with storyboards detailing some of the numerous ways your app can be advertised. You can choose as many concepts as you like. If you already have a feature you'd like advertised or a way to do it, we will integrate it into our concepts. When our ideas meet with your final approval, you can relax, and let us take it from there.


When working with us, you guys provide the guidelines and we follow them. Using the approved concepts and assets (provided by you), our team of experienced designers will create a detailed visual experience of your creative. Gameplay scenes, tutorials, animations, sound effects, calls to action will all be comprised from your game assets or made from scratch strictly adhering to your guidelines. In short, everything is organized and optimized so our developer team can focus on what matters, while there's minimum hassle on your end. Our objective is to help you achieve your goals, while giving your app a unique edge, so you can truly make an impact on the market.


Connect the puzzle pieces together and give them life, by recreating the app's functionality, refining it and optimizing it in a smaller format; which creates maximum impact on the user. This is the main role of our dev team. Our framework is highly customizable and well-optimized to suit the needs no matter how demanding the project gets. Our creatives are ripe with animations, visual effects, sound effects, and physics - so imagine all of that in a tiny format of a few minutes of gameplay. It's the perfect recipe for a modern-day creative. You also have an option to preview the development progress of the creative a week before release (or candidate due date), so we can get as much early feedback from you as possible.


You're almost there. We firmly believe in a process called “continuous testing,” which means that every single feature of the creative is accurately tested during development. Additional tests are carried out once the creative is integrated into the whole. When the process is complete, another round of thorough ensues, conducted by our diligent QA team. The end results are then presented to you as a release candidate. All that's required at this point is your honest feedback, which may lead to a few edits or changes, if you so desire and the creative will be updated. This particular part of the process repeats until you give us your seal of approval.


Our creative process and framework supports the most popular ad networks on the market: Unity, Adcolony, Chartboost, Tapjoy, Vungle, Ironsource, Applovin, Adwords, Facebook and so on. The creative is going to be packed and optimized for each of these networks adhering to their standards and constraints. You will also have the option to receive several versions of the same creative with different configurations (game time, maximum score, interactions needed etc.). We provide extensive support throughout the entire process. Any revisions required by the networks will be completed free of charge until the creative is approved.


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